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Astronauts - Astronauts training

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  Ref S02205   -   Mission Commander Curtis L. Brown (left) and Pilot Steven W. Lindsey (right), practicing 




  Ref S02660   -   Glenn at the Cape 




  Ref S02087   -   Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper in white room 




  Ref S01576   -   From left, Joe Schmitt, Bill Douglas and John H. Glenn Jr., on way to launch pad for MA-6. 




  Ref S01577   -   Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., fully suited for launch of MA-6/Friendship 7. 




  Ref S01580   -   Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., attired in a training version of a Mercury space suit 




  Ref S01587   -   Astronaut Susan J. Helms , mission specialist, dons a training version of the shuttle pressure, launch and entry garment 




  Ref S01588   -   Astronaut Mary Ellen Weber, mission specialist with a training version of the shuttle pressure, launch and entry garment 




  Ref S01589   -   Astronaut Edward T. Lu, mission specialist, is helped with the training version of his extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) 




  Ref S01590   -   Astronaut James S. Voss, STS-101 mission specialist, fastens the communications carrier assembly (CCA) 




  Ref S01591   -   Astronaut James S. Voss, STS-101 mission specialist 




  Ref S01592   -   Astronauts Terrence W. (Terry) Wilcutt (left), mission commander, and Scott D. Altman, pilot, await ingress of a crew training mockup 




  Ref S01593   -   Astronaut Michael E. Lopez-Alegria, mission specialist. 




  Ref S01594   -   Cosmonaut Boris V. Morukov, mission specialist 




  Ref S01595   -   Astronaut Daniel C. Burbank, STS-106 mission specialist, goes over a checklist on the mid deck of a crew compartment trainer 




  Ref S01596   -   The ISS Expedition 1 crew takes a break from training in the systems integration facility at the Johnson Space Center 




  Ref S01597   -   The ISS Expedition 1 crew takes a break from training 




  Ref S01598   -   Astronaut William Shepherd, Expedition 1 mission commander 




  Ref S01599   -   Astronaut William Shepherd, Expedition 1 mission commander during a rehearsal of shuttle descent 




  Ref S01600   -   Cosmonaut Yuri Gidzenko, Expedition 1 Soyuz commander 


Displaying 1 to 20 (of 1725 products)
Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15 ...  [Next >>] 
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