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Home »  Photo Prints » Astronauts - Astronauts training » S08890
Ref S08890 : STS108 CREW PORTRAIT These seven astronauts and three cosmonauts share the common

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*Backlit is a translucent matter to apply in front of a neon light
Thème : Astronauts - Astronauts training

Description :

(08/31/2001) STS-108 CREW PORTRAIT -- These seven astronauts and three cosmonauts share the common denominators of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station (ISS). Standing at rear (from the left) are STS-108 crew members Daniel M. Tani and Linda M. Godwin, both mission specialists; Dominic L. Gorie and Mark E. Kelly, commander and pilot, respectively. Those four will spend approximately ten days in space in late November and early December aboard the Endeavour. In front, from the left, are Daniel W. Bursch, Yuri Onufrienko, Carl E. Walz, Mikhail Tyurin, Frank L. Culbertson and Vladimir N. Dezhurov. Culbertson, Expedition Three commander, as well as flight engineers Tyurin and Dezhurov, will use the Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-105 to reach the station for a lengthy stay and then return to Earth aboard Endeavour. They will be replaced aboard the orbital outpost by Onufrienko, Expedition Four commander, along with Bursch and Walz, both flight engineers. The Expedition Four crew will accompany the STS-108 crew into Earth orbit. Dezhurov, Tyurin and Onufrienko represent Rosaviakosmos

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