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Experiments on board

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  Ref S01872   -   A closeup view of a few of the 36 mouse-ear cress plants (arabidopsis thaliana) being observed and studied by the STS-93 crew 




  Ref S02014   -   Lysozyme crystal grown on shuttle 




  Ref S02015   -   (PCG) Protein Crystal Growth Renin 




  Ref S02018   -   (PCG) Protein Crystal Growth Porcine Elastase 




  Ref S02019   -   The comparison of protein crystal, Bovine Insulin space-grown (left) and earth-grown (right) 




  Ref S02020   -   Incorporation of glucose into cells 




  Ref S02021   -   The comparison of protein crystal, Bovine Insulin space-grown (left) and earth-grown (right) 




  Ref S02025   -   Vapor Crystal Growth System developed in IML-1 




  Ref S02026   -   (PCG) Protein Crystal Growth Canavalin 




  Ref S02027   -   (PCG) Protein Crystal Growth Human Serum Albumin 




  Ref S02028   -   Horse Serum Albumin crystals grown during the USML-1 mission 




  Ref S02029   -   The comparison of protein crystal 




  Ref S02030   -   The major storage protein of leguminous plants 




  Ref S02037   -   HIV Reverse Transcriptase crystals grown during the USML-1 mission 




  Ref S02199   -   (PCG) Protein Crystal Growth Isocitrate Lyase 


Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products)
Result Pages:  1 
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