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  Ref S00220   -   Shooting stars 




  Ref S01133   -   Meteor fragment of asteroid Vesta 




  Ref S01573   -   Possible Martian fossilized microbial cells attached to a mineral in the Egyptian meteorite Nakhla 




  Ref S01574   -   Possible elongated fossilized Martian cell in the Egyptian meteorite Nakhla. 




  Ref S01873   -   This 4.5 billion-year-old rock, labeled meteorite ALH84001, is believed to have once been a part of Mars and to contain fossil evidence that primitive life may have existed on Mars 




  Ref S01901   -   This electron microscope image shows egg-shaped structures, some of which may be possible microscopic fossils of Martian origin 




  Ref S01902   -   While the exact nature of these tube-like structures is not known, one interpretation is that they may be microscopic fossils of primitive, bacteria-like organisms 




  Ref S01903   -   This electron microscope image shows tubular structures of likely Martian origin 




  Ref S01904   -   This high-resolution scanning electron microscope image shows an unusual tube-like structural form that is less than 1/100th the width of a human hair in size found in meteorite ALH84001 




  Ref S01941   -   Pre-processing photo showing the two pieces of the meteorite which were transferred to JSC 




  Ref S01942   -   Rotated orientation view of the larger piece (1) after a piece was removed to reveal the light gray interior 




  Ref S02262   -   Meteorite burning in the atmosphere 




  Ref S02897   -   Apollo 8 Reentry 


Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products)
Result Pages:  1 
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Ref SF1008 : Matte Black Fisher Space Pen with removable cap and Shuttle Emblem

46.00 € - 34.00 €
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Ref SF1008 : Matte Black Fisher Space Pen with removable cap and Shuttle Emblem
46.00 € - 34.00 €